Monday, June 29, 2009

Top 10 moments of flavor of love pt.2

5) The Reunion Show brawl (Flavor of Love 2)
Threats before Reunion Shows are a staple of The Flavor of Love series and Season 2’s brawl may have set the standard.
Way before shooting began, Bootz and Shay made threatening advances at Spunkeey for what they read in ‘The Blogspot’…and it carried on to the actual Reunion Show.

As New York made her now customary diva’s entrance; Deelishis (the winner of the show who was sitting in the… audience???) threatened violence for New York’s comments against her mother. All the while Bootz was being debarred from getting at New York by security.

Back and forth they went, a shoe was thrown; security was breached and it culminated with Bootz charging the stage at New York.

4) Flav shows Toasteee’s vagina (Flavor of Love 2)
On Season 2 of Flavor of Love Toasteee, the dumbass but lovable drunk chick, made the mistake of telling Nibblz about her past (read: present) in the adult entertainment industry. She even spilled her porno name: Natalia. Stupid, stupid little drunk-ass, nude girl.

Nibblz, of course, ran to Flav with the information once Toasteee started trash-talking Nibblz. And our resident lush denied ever having a porn past.
The proof, however, was in the pictures. The pictures that Flav (read: Vh1 production staff) dug up on the internet.
Toasteee’s drunk ass cried on her way out and said that she didn’t think the pictures of her butt-naked with her fingers up her snatch were porno. And she forgot she did them.

The moral of this story? Don’t go on Flavor of Love if you don’t want your pornographic career revealed on national TV. Dipshit.

3) Flavor Flav selects Hoopz (Flavor of Love 2)
It’s been two years, but on March 12th, 2006, Flavor Flav chose Hoopz over New York and put the icing on the show that made VH1 the popular Network it is today.
Hoopz, the excessively pretty tomboy from Detroit, had won over the hearts of everyone and was at one point, the most ’searched name’ on the Internet. But, she was up against the juggernaut that was Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard.

In the finale, where both ladies wore the same dress; Hoopz is chosen as the Flavor of Love and is fitted with a grill, lol.
She went on to be linked romantically with every black man who didn’t shag Kim Kardashian, but sadly, has hardly been heard of for a year or so.

2) Somethin poops on the floor (Flavor of Love 2)
Just when everyone thought no one could outdo that whore, Pumkin’s, spit scene… a fine classy lass named Somethin’ entered the picture. On the first night of the second season…….. wait, let me repeat that.
On the first night of the Second Season, Somethin’ just couldn’t hold it anymore and pinched a loaf right there on the mansion floor. And the stairs. And I think a few other places. When asked about it on the reunion show, her reply was, “Shit happens.”

Nah, girl, shit doesn’t happen when you have manners. And some litter-box training. And maybe some panties. Work on that one, girlfriend.

1) Pumkin spits in New York’s face (Flavor of Love 1)
We all knew this is just the greatest moment, ever. It just is. And was recently voted the #! moment in reality television history.

After Hoopz gets her clock, Flav addresses New York and Pumkin. He tells Pumkin he is eliminating her because she appeared on other shows. Pumkin gets defensive, saying she isn’t here for tv (attention whore), and adds ‘New York’, is in fact, the aspiring actress.

New York goes on a tirade… “I haven’t been on any shows and you need to shut up because you are about to get the door.” As Pumkin hugs Hoopz goodbye, Pumkin says “At least I don’t look like a pumpkin that gained 20 pounds on the show.”
New York replies, “Bitch, you look like a fuckin’ man and you need to get some botox for that fuckin crow’s feet with the check you ’bout to get in the mail. Get her outta here.”

Pumkin retorts “Actually I can slap the shit outta you now.”
New York then shouts “Do it! Slap me bitch”

***And then the moment that had us all in shock and even set off a debate on racism and whether this show ought to be on television at all…***

Pumkin spits at New York and runs, but an incensed New York grabs her and shoves her, head-first, into the camera saying “Bitch, you motherfuckin whore! Did you see this bitch just spit in my motherfuckin hair? I don’t play that shit.”

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