Monday, June 29, 2009

Frankie & neffe gets a show

As nice as it was watching Keyshia Cole evolve throughout her reality series, The Way It Is, after a while, I started tuning in mainly to see who Frankie and Neffe were going to curse out on a given episode.

Now, I wouldn’t want to ever hear these two try to sing like Keyshia, but I’m definitely looking forward to them cutting up on BET this August.

Their spin-off series, Frankie & Neffe, just wrapped last Wednesday. The eight episode half-hour series will premiere on August 18.

James DuBose, producer of the series, explained to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the appeal of the duo.

“Everyone has a Frankie and Neffe in their family,” DuBose said.

He’s right, which is why I don’t frequent family reunions.

Will there be a reason to watch beyond finding out whether or not Frankie comes up with any new catch phrases?

DuBose added, “This will show their growth and independence in their personal lives.”


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