Monday, June 29, 2009

Jay-Z Hurt His Feelings

I understand that it’s been overused, but c’mon ya’ll, hasn’t Autotune been good to us?
How many T-Pain songs have you danced to at the club, gas station, or street sidewalk on a busy street(don’t act like you’ve never done it)? At least 700, I’m sure. So yes, it’s getting old, but must everyone cheer its death so eagerly?
Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.” (Death of Autotune – yeah, yeah, clever) has been cheered by Hov stans the world over, but it seems some artists are taking Jay’s kiss off to the vocoder personal.
On his twitter, DJ Webstar wrote:
“Who heard old a– Jay Z hating? Bottom line is a 40 year old can’t relate to a 17 or 22 year old so he could never end my career..I know yall said he aint say my name but whoelse could he be talking about besides me and browz? he shouted everybody else out that do it..and I only have 2 songs wit autotune anyway but still right is right and wrong is wrong legend or not! take all the songs on the radio wit autotune and see how many songz you have..Good music over rides everything people wanna have fun and party not be depressed I wanna see how many of yall dance to doa in the club”
I don’t know who DJ Webstar is and I imagine Jay-Z wasn’t thinking about him when he recorded the track.
A 40-year-old man may not be able to end your career, but evidently one can boost your career if you ride his coattails for publicity.

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