Monday, June 29, 2009

DC’s Past Returns

In recent years we’ve learned the whereabouts of most of the lost members of Destiny’s Child.
LeToya Luckett went on to record a platinum solo album. Farrah Franklin must have hit the lottery and not told a soul because she appeared on an episode of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker.
However, little has been said about what original member LaTavia Roberson has been up to until now. Word is that she’s now ready to fill fans in about her post-DC life via a tell-all book.
Naturally, the book will cover her time with the group, but it’s said she will also speak on her struggles with family (rumor: they thought she was an ATM machine) and other areas in her life and how she’s overcome them.
It’s good to know Tav hasn’t been spending her days throwing darts at pictures of Beyonce and Kelly.
Some people would still be salty, but acting like a bottle of Lawry’s all the time leads to a terrible life. Good for her trying to move on with her career

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