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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Risky: Reality Shows Are Fake, But I Want One!

Helping Hands

Singer Ashanti shared laughs with actor Mario Lopez at the Boys and Girls Club “A Million Meal” Summer event yesterday afternoon. Ashanti looks freaking gorgeous! I am so happy for her and all of her success this year! This industry will eat your alive if you don’t have the right foundation..

Pictures & Videos Of Lil Wayne In Noblesville, IN

Lil Wayne Has Another Woman Prego? just received word that Lil Wayne may have ANOTHER child on the way. A Los Angeles exotic dancer is reportedly telling her co-workers that she’s knocked up by the platinum selling rapper.

The woman, who is of East Indian descent and works at the popular L.A. men’s club Spearmint Rhino, told her co-workers that she just learned of the pregnancy. And that she’s discussed the baby with Lil Wayne – who wants her too keep it.

We’re working on getting images of the soon-to-be mom now. But we’re told she’s drop dead gorgeous …

Drake Names His Favorite ‘Forever’ Verse

Mary J. Blige – The One (Feat Drake) [Music Video]

the official music video for Mary J. Blige’s single “The One” which features Young Money’s Drake.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this is a sneak peak of Rihanna’s spread from the September 2009 issue of Vogue Italy.

Lil Twist – Don’t Make Us

Shanell’s Tour Diary #2

SHANELL aka SNL Official Tour Diary Episode 2

Shanell and Aubrey O’Day take us backstage to premiere their new song “Party All The Time” at Power 106 in LA with DJ Felli Fel.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FeFe Dobson Addresses Rihanna swagga Jacking

According to the internet rumblings, Fefe signed to Def Jam in 2003. Two years later a reggae/dancehall artist by the name of Rihanna signs to the label. No worries to Fefe as they were two different artists image -wise and had two different styles of music. However, as time went by, Rihanna’s appearance began to look more and more like Fefe’s and her music changed from reggae/dancehall influenced to rock & pop influenced. Here’s what Fefe had to say when Honey Magazine asked her if she thought Rihanna bit her style:

I mean, for sure I question that, but who wouldn’t. She is supposedly a fan of mine. I try to take it as a compliment. It gets a little much when she starts getting the same tattoos as me but overall I just want people to separate the image and listen to the music. It’s about the music. Its like Prince and Michael Jackson, totally different artists. Or its like Kanye West and Jay-Z. So what? They are both black men, they sound different. So they both wear jeans, they are different.
Fefe goes on to say that she met Rihanna years ago. “I met her when she was the dance hall queen with the long hair. She was a nice girl but very quiet.“

Frankie and Neffie Viewing Party

Frankie & Neffe held a viewing party last night for the premiere episode of their new BET reality show “The Frankie & Neffe Show.” Frankie was her normal subdued self and Neffe glowed as her boo Soullow stood by her side. I was invited out but didn’t get a chance to catch the episode cause I was so busy staring at all the beautiful people. Especially Neffe’s BFF/stylist, Dariel and all his fabulous friends. I’ve never seen so many pretty men in makeup in one spot…they had the joint on lock!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tiny and Kandi on Mag..

Tameka ‘Tiny” Cottle and Kandi Burruss cover this month’s issue of Rolling out magazine. The two former Xscape bandmates are still great friends and both have recently ventured into the world of reality television. Tiny’s “The Tiny & Toya Show” on BET giving us an up close and personal look into her family life alongside hitmaker T.I. Kandi came in as a Freshman to a crew of Seniors on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Mack Maine & Lil Wayne “Throw It Back” Will Be On The YME Collabo Album

Trey Songz & Drake – Successful [BTS Part 3]

Monday, August 24, 2009

All Vh1 Love Shows Combined In 1

from vh1 .com
A new pilot featuring stars of Celebreality past is about to film…and you can attend the taping! Details in the release below…
Awesome Opportunity from VH1 and the Creators of Rock of Love!
From the team that brought you Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love Money… (and the list goes on…), we are proud to announce our latest project! Date Trader (*working title) is going to be the next big showcase for all your favorite stars from our most recent shows. Think of it as a fast-paced studio version of our house dating shows. It’s a whole season of …Of Love drama wrapped up in one episode and unfolding before your very eyes!
That’s right, we want YOU to play a major part in Date Trader (*working title) by being in the audience for our pilot! Sit only a few steps away as the most famous cast members from our mega-hit shows try to find love (or at least a hot date!). As a bonus, they’re going to want YOUR input to determine the outcome! Instead of shouting your opinions at your TV (we know you do…), you can do it through your votes!
We’re taping this episode NEXT FRIDAY AUGUST 28, 2009. It’s coming up quick so make sure you let me know if you’re interested ASAP! We want all the usual info:
-Names of everyone coming
-Where you’re coming from (location)
-Ages of everyone
-Your email address
Send all the info above to (We know this isn’t a reunion, but that’s our general address.)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Video: Day 26 - So Good

Deelishis on Twitter


Young Money Shooting The Music Video To “Girl You Know” On 25th August

WW: Alright, let’s switch gears and talk about some good stuff. “Every Girl” is a big deal. It’s a number one record, been number one for a minute on different charts. Young Money the group is looking like it could take over the game. Is there really a Young Money album?

MM: Yes! and it’s coming out soon. We shooting another video this month on the twenty-fifth.
So, we know that “Girl You Know” will be the next single from Young Mula and it looks like they will be shooting the music video for this in 3 days which will be on the 25th August.

Birdman – Money To Blow (Feat Lil Wayne & Drake)

Shanell Speaks On Omarion’s Departure

“I don’t know, everything happens so quick,” Shanell said about Omarion’s departure. “Everything happens so quick but I’ve always been a fan of Omarion. So whether he’s with us or not with us, I hope the best for his career. I haven’t been able to work with him yet…[With Bow Wow,] that’s the homie. That’s the homie. We’ve worked together before. He’s actually with Cash Money. It’s a whole family but it’s two separate situations. It’s Cash Money and Young Money.”

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Amber Show Filming?

while Bunim-Murray (Real World) is off working on Bad Girls Club 4, it appears Season 3’s break out trouble makers, The Ambers, are hard at work filming their next foray into reality TV!
Jess, was surfing through Celebrity Rehab superstar Mary Carey’s twitter, and found a ton of tweets revealing that she is hard at work doing lots of filming with the Ambers.

Now this is where it gets kinda odd, she keeps referring to the show they’re filming as “bad girls club”, so this poses a few questions in my mind. Could it be that The Ambers are making a grand return next season? Or is this indeed their own show?
Here’s a sample of the tweets:

- Gonna try to go to bed now, gotta get up early to shoot tomorrow.
- At starbucks drive through then getting ready to shoot a cameo for “The Bad Girls Club”.
- About to shoot my segment for Bad Girls Club with the Amber’s.
- Just got done shooting, love the Ambers. Tomorrow night shooting more, I’m judging air sex for bad girls club.

Two From Bad Girls Club 4

So I’ve been snooping around and found two girls from Bad Girls Club 4! Their names are Natalie and Lyrica.
I Bad Girls Club returns later this year!

PS. Its taking place in L.A………..AGAIN!

Neffe and Daneil Show

A very pregnant Neffe and her BFF Dariel were spotted in the Atlanta airport a few weeks ago. Dariel is good for youtubing all of their exploits and honestly, it’s way better than television! So get your Keyshia Cole’s big sis right here right now. I’ve got 3 clips for your ghetto ClipS......

Omarion Claims He Asked For Young Money Release

Lil Twist – The Year Book [Mixtape]

Omarion Addresses Young Money Reports; Denies Leaking Lil Wayne Song

R&B singer Omarion has addressed reports of his being dropped from Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint, just months after signing with the burgeoning label.

Reports hit the Internet hinting that Omarion was dropped from the label for leaking the song “I Get It In” featuring the singer and Lil Wayne.

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for the genius of Lil ‘Wayne and the entire Young Money family,” Omarion told in a statement.

Omarion shot down reports that he was dropped from the label and stated that he requested to be let out of his contract with Young Money.

“I asked to be released from the label to pursue other opportunities that were recently presented to me. Because of our relationship, Lil’ Wayne had no issue with us ending our business relationship and released me from the label,” Omarion stated. “Lil’ Wayne and I have nothing but love for each other, there is no Beef.”

Omarion also denied leaking “I Get It In” on the Internet, countering a statement released by Young Money artist Mack Maine, implying that Omarion himself was responsible for the song hitting the Internet without authorization.

“I also wanted to make it clear that my company nor did I, leak the song, “I Get It In” and I want to dispel any rumors that have surfaced. I appreciate my relationship with Young Money/ Cash Money and look forward to doing business in the future.”

In the coming weeks, Omarion will make a major announcement regarding his new career path, as well his upcoming album Ollusion.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Violence Outside Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus

According to police, it all went down after Wayne’s show last Wednesday at the Cricket Pavilion in suburban Phoenix — when 2 buses from his 4-bus entourage stopped at a nearby apartment complex.

Law enforcement sources tell us witnesses saw several women getting on and off the buses — and it was then that certain people in the complex began to get violent.

Witnesses told police they heard at least one shot fired during the altercation — though it’s unclear who fired it.

Cops arrived to the scene and broke things up — but we’ve learned a 15-year-old boy has since filed a police report claiming one of Wayne’s bodyguards roughed him up during the chaos, bruising a few of his ribs.

Cops interviewed Wayne at a nearby hotel after the incident, where the rapper told cops he was on one of the buses when the attack started — but his bus took off almost immediately.

Calls to Wayne’s people have not yet been returned.

Omarion Has Been Dropped From Young Money

Omarion is kicked out of Young Money Entertainment due to the leak of his collaborative song with Lil Wayne.

Two months after being signed to Young Money Entertainment, Omarion has been dropped from the record company. Mack Maine tweeted this message on his Twitter which reveals that Omarion is fired because he has allegedly leaked his duet song with Lil Wayne.

“ATTN: Omarion is no longer Young Money … the song they leaked ft. Wayne is not official .. good luck 2 him in his future”.

Shortly after that, two of the Young Money’s artists Jae Millz and Lil Twist re-tweeted Mack’s message to show that it is not a rumor.

Jamie Foxx – Digital Girl (Remix) (Feat Drake, Kanye West & The Dream) [Music Video] + BET Access Granted

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kim & Nene Air Out Each Other’s Dirty Laundry…

This clip is for the Real Housewives of Atlanta fans that love the unnecessary drama. Nene Leakes was on some show recently promoting her upcoming book when Kim Zolciak called in. Basically, Kim was pissed because Nene said that she was a drag queen and that all of her money comes from married men. The two then started airing out each other’s dirty laundry:

Kim claims Nene’s car was repossessed in a Home Depot and all of her homes are rented
Nene claims that Kim use to be a stripper at Magic City and went by the name Barbie
Kim claims Nene is cheating on her husband Greg with NFL player Charles Grant
Classic Lines from Nene: “You don’t work b*tch! You don’t have a job”, “Close your legs to married men trash box“. “Close your legs wig!“. I can’t

Kim and Kim

Kim Kardashian and Kim Zolciak were spotted partying at Primal in Atlanta this past Friday.

£ Muskeeteers

Actress Jill Marie Jones was spotted with Allen Payne and Hosea Chanchez (CW The Game) at the 3D celebrity pool party in LA this past weekend.

Bow Wow Signs With Cash Money Records

Bow Wow and Columbia Records had run their course as business partners. In breaking news, hip-hop’s youngest veteran will now be taking his recording services to Cash Money. Moments ago, the protege’ of Jermaine Dupri broke the news, via his Twitter page.

Explaining the reason for his silence, Bow Wow simply stated on his YouTube page he was using the time for thinking and organizing.

“People have been wondering where I’ve been,” the rapper said in a video. “For the past days, I’ve been here, keeping away from all human contact. Thinking. Strategizing my next move. I’ll come out of hiding when it is time. This is a new me. A new look, for now. This is all you see. The mystery continues.”

Cash Money Records will now be looking at a roster touting three of the biggest names, at least commercially, in the industry in Lil Wayne, Drake and Bow Wow.

R&B star, Omarion, signed with partner label, Young Money, recently as well.

Lil Wayne “VH1: Behind The Music” Premieres 10 September

Premieres September 10th at 9pm et/pt By the time he was 11 years old, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., aka Lil Wayne, had lost his virginity, dealt drugs, snorted cocaine and nearly shot himself to death after accidentally pulling the trigger on a gun he found in his mother’s bedroom. That was life in the dangerous, poverty stricken neighborhood on New Orleans 17th ward, where Lil Wayne grew up. A musical prodigy, hip hop was Wayne’s ticket to a better life.

As a nine year old, he began recording rhymes with his surrogate family and mentors, Baby and Slim Williams, who owned the fledging label, Cash Money Records. Together, they shared in Wayne’s success, first as a teenage sensation with the Hot Boys, then as a solo artist. But Wayne’s path to stardom was littered with personal challenges.

The violence of New Orleans struck again as his stepfather was gunned down when Wayne was just 14. To support his mother he dropped out of high school and put everything he had into jumpstarting his music career. A year later, at 15, Wayne became a father and now had a family to support. Then, just as his solo career was taking flight, his hometown was decimated by Hurricane Katrina, a tragedy that profoundly affected Wayne.

Rumors of an addiction to prescription cough syrup and an arrest in New York City for gun possession only fueled the controversy surrounding the outlaw rapper. Regarded as a renegade, Wayne then released a prolific and game changing record, Tha Carter III. Almost instantly, Lil Wayne rocketed to superstardom and became the pop icon of 2008. The self proclaimed “greatest rapper alive” received the ultimate validation when Wayne walked away with four Grammy Awards, completing a remarkable journey for the 27 year old.

Mario – Break Up (Remix) (Feat Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett)

Nicki Minaj adds a verse to Mario’s latest hit single “Break Up Remix” which also features Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett. Check it out below:

Mario feat. Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj - Break Up (Remix) by

Video: Drake Sets Date For Knee Surgery

He took to Twitter on Sunday (August 16) and sent word that he’ll be undergoing surgery on his knee — which suffered three torn ligaments — on September 8.

“In the studio … working on Thank Me Later … magic … surgery September 8th,” he wrote. “Then we’re back in business.”

Drake spoke to MTV News recently about his second injury, which he said rivaled the pain of his initial mishap. In June the rapper tore his ACL, MCL and LCL while playing basketball. He was set to join Wayne, Young Jeezy and Soulja Boy Tell’em as one of the America’s Most Wanted headliners. After his injury, though, he shortened his set from a full production to a reduced medley of hits during Wayne’s time. But excitement got the best of Drake when he ran across the stage at Camden’s Susquehanna Bank Center during his performance of “Best I Ever Had.”

“The stride that I had, I planted with my right and I had a brace on,” he recalled of the moment. “I would say it was borderline more painful than the initial tear. It was bad. It buckled, popped. I was down. I remember slapping the ground. I couldn’t believe it. I saw the lights coming down. [And I was thinking] ‘Did I just fall?’ I was in so much pain then that I didn’t care at the time. They actually cut a nice pair of jeans that I had, all the way up. Bad. But it’s all part of my story. I feel like maybe it needed to happen. I came out on that tour for one reason and one reason only — I didn’t show up for the money or the fact that I even needed it right now. I showed up there for the fans that genuinely saw me on the tour [bill] and said, ‘That’s why I’m going.’ “

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Check these shows out

ANTM’s Yaya Dacosta Joins Ugly Betty

Yaya Dacosta will join the cast of Ugly Betty. The America’s Next Top Model cycle three runner up will take over the role of Nico, Wilhelmina’s (Vanessa Williams) daughter.

The character, originated by Jowharah Jones, will resurface in the Oct. 9 season premiere and gets caught up in one of the show’s new mysteries.

Dacosta’s previous acting credits include All My Children and Take the Lead, starring Antonio Banderas.

Yaya was known for being an arrogant know-it-all on ANTM but she was always one of my favorites. Actually, season three is the only season of Top Model that I remember. That was where we were also introduced to Tocarra and Eva, some of the most dynamic beauties to have appeared on the show but I digress.

I’m glad Yaya is still working and proving that there can be life after reality TV. I never got into Ugly Betty—not because I didn’t want to but because I always forgot to catch it—but I’m curious about Yaya’s role. She’s a decent actress so this may lead her to bigger and more prominent roles, making her the first ANTM alum to have crafted a serious acting career. I’m getting a little ahead of myself—wishful thinking. (Told you I liked Yaya). In any event, I wish her luck. I just hope she’s humbled herself a bit.

A couple of Young Money Members

Lisa Responds to Foreclosure Rumours

A few days ago, reports circulated the internet that Housewives of Atlanta star Lisa Wu-Hartwell and her husband Ed Hartwell where kicked out of their home after the bank forclosed on their Duluth Mansion and sold it. However, Lisa tells Essence they chose to leave the property:

“People read and believe what they want. “Ed and I are doing fine and our children are fine. We are not ignorant about the state of the economy, but we chose to move, we were not evicted. We ‘ve been settled in our home for two months now and we’ve owned it for five years, as well as other properties. We planned to build on that 10 acres of land and sell the property, but decided against it when the market went bad and I’m glad we didn’t. It’s just quite silly that there are reports that we were put out as if it weren’t our decision to relocate. Our decision to downsize is what I call being [financially] responsible.”

Nicki Minaj ft. Teyana Taylor & Lil Wayne, TI’s Baby Mama Diss…

On The Set: Ludacris & Shawnna Video Shoot