Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FeFe Dobson Addresses Rihanna swagga Jacking

According to the internet rumblings, Fefe signed to Def Jam in 2003. Two years later a reggae/dancehall artist by the name of Rihanna signs to the label. No worries to Fefe as they were two different artists image -wise and had two different styles of music. However, as time went by, Rihanna’s appearance began to look more and more like Fefe’s and her music changed from reggae/dancehall influenced to rock & pop influenced. Here’s what Fefe had to say when Honey Magazine asked her if she thought Rihanna bit her style:

I mean, for sure I question that, but who wouldn’t. She is supposedly a fan of mine. I try to take it as a compliment. It gets a little much when she starts getting the same tattoos as me but overall I just want people to separate the image and listen to the music. It’s about the music. Its like Prince and Michael Jackson, totally different artists. Or its like Kanye West and Jay-Z. So what? They are both black men, they sound different. So they both wear jeans, they are different.
Fefe goes on to say that she met Rihanna years ago. “I met her when she was the dance hall queen with the long hair. She was a nice girl but very quiet.“

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