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Pepa &nd Chilli look 4 love

That being said, add Chilli and Pepa to the list as both have announced new series centered on them finding a date…with a camera man and some stand-in.

Variety reports that the untitled Pepa project will chronicle Salt’s friend as she will follow “as she starts to look for love after four years of a “self-imposed romantic and sexual dormancy.”

Why not just say help her get some, because that doesn’t sound like something Pepa would say. What does that sound too crass? Whatever, this is VH1.

As for Chilli, her entitled series will follow her as she enlists the help of relationships expert Tionna Smalls to find love.

If this is what Chilli’s doing now, I guess plans for a solo album are on hold.

Eh, I’m actually a little interested in Pepa’s show, though. She’s like that mama that thinks she’s cool that will push you out of the way on the dance floor at the club to have more run to do the stanky legg.

Hilarity (albeit in a sad way) is coming.

If Mariah Were A Boy…

That little gentleman you see in the above picture is none other than the queen of all things girly and tween, Mariah Carey.

If you weren’t convinced that Mimi was trashing Eminem in her new single, “Obsessed,” how’s this for proof?

The picture is taken from the set of Mariah Carey’s upcoming video, and hopefully the video treatment is as good as wardrobe.

Yeah, beef is lame most of the time, but Eminem’s been taking stabs at her and others for years. Plus, Em has done just about as much drag as RuPaul, it’s about time someone got their drag game on. I’m loving the look — she looks straight from the trailer park. Hopefully, MC can be a guest on next season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Frankie & neffe gets a show

As nice as it was watching Keyshia Cole evolve throughout her reality series, The Way It Is, after a while, I started tuning in mainly to see who Frankie and Neffe were going to curse out on a given episode.

Now, I wouldn’t want to ever hear these two try to sing like Keyshia, but I’m definitely looking forward to them cutting up on BET this August.

Their spin-off series, Frankie & Neffe, just wrapped last Wednesday. The eight episode half-hour series will premiere on August 18.

James DuBose, producer of the series, explained to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the appeal of the duo.

“Everyone has a Frankie and Neffe in their family,” DuBose said.

He’s right, which is why I don’t frequent family reunions.

Will there be a reason to watch beyond finding out whether or not Frankie comes up with any new catch phrases?

DuBose added, “This will show their growth and independence in their personal lives.”


Megan wants to a Millionaire

remeber the girl from rock of love &nd i love money dha one sharon osbourne beat up well she gets her on show guess it was worth it
She’s back with vengeance to find both love and money with the goal of becoming the ultimate trophy wife. This summer, Megan will put 18 millionaires to the test as they compete for her affection in “Megan Wants a Millionaire” premiering Sunday, August 2, 2009.

Shay buckeey Johnson new website

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Bad girls club tiffany interview wit b.e.t

Season three of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club has been the most explosive thus far. The seven self-proclaimed “bad girls,” picked to live in a Los Angeles mansion for three months to work out their issues have definitely had a roller coaster ride filled with extreme drama. When the house was divided into two alliances—The Fab Five and The Ambers—things came to a head when Ailea and Whitney jumped Amber M. on their Cancun vacation.

Enter Tiffany. She was the laid back sista from Chicago who when pushed far enough, had an explosive temper. Tiff began the season as the mama bear of the house and kept the girls together but toward the end, she took sides during the divide. After the attack on Amber M, she came back to her senses and brought the split to an end. Throughout the season, she has become the topic of much discussion on message boards amongst BGC, whether you love her or hate her. With the season finale airing tonight (10/9c), I had to catch up with her to get the scoop on her experience on the show ie, the Bad Girls Club that you didn’t get to see.

Was there ever a time when you weren’t on camera?

It was 24/7 filming. There were cameras that were in the corners of the house and things like that. It was three very long months of filming.

How did you deal with having no TV or cellphones, but being on camera all the time? Did the forced interaction drive you to conflict?

All we had was access to internet. It was a little bit like jail. It was almost like going into some form of a rehab house. That’s where a lot of the built up tension between us came from—because of the situation that we were in. After a while, you get used to it, though.

When the tension first started, you were neutral and then the shift happened and you were a part of the split. Looking back at yourself, how did you end up not being neutral anymore.?

Being in the house, it was much like a sorority house [and] the divide happened because of the different personalities. There were even clicks within the Fab 5 that you guys don’t get to see. I’ve always been a neutral person [and] even though I knew certain things were wrong, I still just got wrapped up. That’s natural because I had been clickish like that in high school. That was a lesson I learned on the show—I don’t need clicks anymore.

Are you satisfied with the editing overall? Sometimes people go on reality TV and say it made them look a certain way that they weren’t happy with.

I’m not upset with any editing of the show. I think what was portrayed was exactly the truth. I can’t speak for my other roommates but as far as myself, I’m happy with what I’ve seen so far. They could only show what I did and what I said, I controlled the situation. They can take bits and pieces and cut it up, and sometimes there were some things that I look at and said that wasn’t how it happened but it doesn’t have anything to do with how my character was portrayed as far as any scenes. For me, it was just what y’all see is the real Tiffany—all of my bad and my good.

I read a blog you wrote where you said that there were times where you and Kayla actually did get along. Looking back, is there anything about some of your relationships with the girls that you want to clarify?

With the Kayla situation, that’s where I have to say that editing comes in. I’m not mad at the editing but they just never showed you the good. They chose to show you the bad times with me and Kayla, which were true. We did argue, we did have words, there was tension between us but there was footage of us when we did get along or some of the conversations that we had that were really good. There’s no issue with me and Kayla. I have nothing but respect for Kayla. I wanted her to have that experience because she was my roommate first, and she was the other Black girl in the house. I wish her the best with everything she’s doing.

Did you feel like you had a responsibility as a Black woman to represent yourself a certain way on TV?

I never looked at it as a color thing. I was just me. My family watched it, my friends watched, and everyone else that I know watched and said I’m the same way that I am with them in person, on television. Things are changing for me because I’m in the process of trying not to get so upset and to stay focused, calm and be more about business and picking he right friends, so I didn’t feel like I owed anybody. If I owed anybody anything, I owed myself and that was it, not the other Black women in the world. If I am portraying a great Black woman, then I’m honored, but I never did anything based off of trying to be an image.

You guys have shot the reunion special by now, is everything squared away?

Everything is pretty much squared away, people said what they had to say—the same thing that we’ve probably been saying throughout the whole season—and people will feel the way that they feel. I wouldn’t trade my experience in for the world. I would do it all over again with those same girls.

What are you working on now?

I haven’t worked out all the details yet but I’ve been offered two roles in these plays that are in Chicago. They’re African-American plays. One is called What Every Woman Wants in a Man and the other one is called The Mr. and the Mrs. I’ve always been into theater [but] I haven’t done that type of stuff in years, that’s where I became my worst bad girl. Now, I’m finding what my passions are again, and surrounding myself with great people. I’ve also been doing some motivational speaking at city high schools here in Chicago. Right now, my heart is just set on helping younger women with issues, knowing what I know now

Deelishis survives poison

Top 10 moments of flavor of love pt.2

5) The Reunion Show brawl (Flavor of Love 2)
Threats before Reunion Shows are a staple of The Flavor of Love series and Season 2’s brawl may have set the standard.
Way before shooting began, Bootz and Shay made threatening advances at Spunkeey for what they read in ‘The Blogspot’…and it carried on to the actual Reunion Show.

As New York made her now customary diva’s entrance; Deelishis (the winner of the show who was sitting in the… audience???) threatened violence for New York’s comments against her mother. All the while Bootz was being debarred from getting at New York by security.

Back and forth they went, a shoe was thrown; security was breached and it culminated with Bootz charging the stage at New York.

4) Flav shows Toasteee’s vagina (Flavor of Love 2)
On Season 2 of Flavor of Love Toasteee, the dumbass but lovable drunk chick, made the mistake of telling Nibblz about her past (read: present) in the adult entertainment industry. She even spilled her porno name: Natalia. Stupid, stupid little drunk-ass, nude girl.

Nibblz, of course, ran to Flav with the information once Toasteee started trash-talking Nibblz. And our resident lush denied ever having a porn past.
The proof, however, was in the pictures. The pictures that Flav (read: Vh1 production staff) dug up on the internet.
Toasteee’s drunk ass cried on her way out and said that she didn’t think the pictures of her butt-naked with her fingers up her snatch were porno. And she forgot she did them.

The moral of this story? Don’t go on Flavor of Love if you don’t want your pornographic career revealed on national TV. Dipshit.

3) Flavor Flav selects Hoopz (Flavor of Love 2)
It’s been two years, but on March 12th, 2006, Flavor Flav chose Hoopz over New York and put the icing on the show that made VH1 the popular Network it is today.
Hoopz, the excessively pretty tomboy from Detroit, had won over the hearts of everyone and was at one point, the most ’searched name’ on the Internet. But, she was up against the juggernaut that was Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard.

In the finale, where both ladies wore the same dress; Hoopz is chosen as the Flavor of Love and is fitted with a grill, lol.
She went on to be linked romantically with every black man who didn’t shag Kim Kardashian, but sadly, has hardly been heard of for a year or so.

2) Somethin poops on the floor (Flavor of Love 2)
Just when everyone thought no one could outdo that whore, Pumkin’s, spit scene… a fine classy lass named Somethin’ entered the picture. On the first night of the second season…….. wait, let me repeat that.
On the first night of the Second Season, Somethin’ just couldn’t hold it anymore and pinched a loaf right there on the mansion floor. And the stairs. And I think a few other places. When asked about it on the reunion show, her reply was, “Shit happens.”

Nah, girl, shit doesn’t happen when you have manners. And some litter-box training. And maybe some panties. Work on that one, girlfriend.

1) Pumkin spits in New York’s face (Flavor of Love 1)
We all knew this is just the greatest moment, ever. It just is. And was recently voted the #! moment in reality television history.

After Hoopz gets her clock, Flav addresses New York and Pumkin. He tells Pumkin he is eliminating her because she appeared on other shows. Pumkin gets defensive, saying she isn’t here for tv (attention whore), and adds ‘New York’, is in fact, the aspiring actress.

New York goes on a tirade… “I haven’t been on any shows and you need to shut up because you are about to get the door.” As Pumkin hugs Hoopz goodbye, Pumkin says “At least I don’t look like a pumpkin that gained 20 pounds on the show.”
New York replies, “Bitch, you look like a fuckin’ man and you need to get some botox for that fuckin crow’s feet with the check you ’bout to get in the mail. Get her outta here.”

Pumkin retorts “Actually I can slap the shit outta you now.”
New York then shouts “Do it! Slap me bitch”

***And then the moment that had us all in shock and even set off a debate on racism and whether this show ought to be on television at all…***

Pumkin spits at New York and runs, but an incensed New York grabs her and shoves her, head-first, into the camera saying “Bitch, you motherfuckin whore! Did you see this bitch just spit in my motherfuckin hair? I don’t play that shit.”

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Myammee interview wit king mag.

An uncensored Myammee goes in on her fellow I Love Money 2 contestants.

You had plenty of problems with the girls on Flavor of Love 3. Do you bump heads just as much with the cast of I Love Money 2?
Of course I bumped heads with girls on this show. I bump heads with girls everywhere I go. It just happens to me for some reason.

Who was your least favorite cast member?
Definitely Saaphyri. She’s about 45 or 50 and I feel like her time is up. When you’re over the hill you should be enjoying your life, not living in the house with 20-year-olds like us!

On her bio she says she’s 29.
She’s a liar! She’s not no 29. If you look at her on the show it looks like she aged even more. She’s a wannabe New York with the long fake hair and the Snuffleupagus lashes. She just looks a mess and she looks even older when she smokes. She’s like an old granny.

Do you think contestants with senior status like Saaphyri and Milf should give up the reality TV game?
I think if you have to go into retirement in 10 years you shouldn’t be on reality TV. I mean Milf is like an old lady. She does have a nice body for her age, but other than that there’s nothing there—just a shell.

I’m guessing you don’t have any kind words for Buckwild.
Buckwild is just for TV. She does whatever she got to do to get some airtime. She has nothing else to offer but her mouth.

Is anyone buying her act?
She’s a phony. I think she’s just a regular white girl who needs some type of attention because she’s ugly as hell. She got to do something so I guess she plays the black role.

How did Rock of Love’s Tamara fit in with the Flavor of Love set?
Tamara’s just like on her own planet. I don’t know if she was on drugs when she first came to the house. She was twitching. I really think something is wrong with her.

What about the male contestants? Was there any hooking up going on in the house?
I had no interest in any of the guys in the cast. They were all cornballs!

You’re still looking for love?
I wouldn’t mind finding love, but right now I don’t have none. I don’t understand why pretty girls can’t fall in love! We’re like the number one single people in the world.

Do you think you’re just going for the wrong type of guy?
I’m trying to transform from going for the thuggish type to going for the regular type, but I really don’t know what type of guy I want. I just know he has to have swag, he can’t be a dork.

Who has the swag you’re looking for?
Swag like Method Man or a little bit of Plies.

I thought you want to get away from the thugs?
I know! I’m trying. You see what I’m saying? I’m trying to go from 100 percent thug to maybe 50 percent.

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