Monday, June 29, 2009

for the love of ray j 2

The word around the blogosphere is that For the Love of Ray J will return for a second season. Given the track record for these types of shows, I’m not surprised. I initially brushed it off as blog rumor (since it typically takes about 10 blogs to equal one half-credible news source anyway) but did some investigating and surprise surprise, Cocktail, winner of season one, announced via her MySpace blog that she and Ray J were no longer together.
“When I was on the show, I truly fell for Ray. I invested my time, effort, and emotions into him and wanted things to work,” said Cocktail. “But the reality of reality television is that it doesn’t always work. Ray and I are no longer together. We have not been together for awhile now but we have remained friends and when we hang out we have a great time. I miss him very much and respect what decisions he has made.”
Blah blah blah anyway, she never stood a chance. I’m convinced that the contracts for these shows come with a ratings clause. If the show gets a certain amount of ratings, then season two (and possibly three) are automatic givens. Besides, who genuinely finds love in er, three weeks? I’m not complaining, it makes for great entertainment (more fuel for my reality TV addiction). Plus, anyone who goes on these shows really looking for love and not shameless promotion, is playing themselves. If you are said individual looking for 15 minutes of reality TV fame (or maybe you actually do have a crush on Ray), casting for season two has begun, as per Vh1’s website:
4.2 million viewers tuned in to see Ray J pick his leading lady on the For the Love of Ray J finale episode. Cocktail was crowned the winner and all seemed great for the happy couple. We next saw them on the reunion episode where both let viewers know they were excited to see how their relationship would progress! Ray J thought he had found “the one” but unfortunately, things didn’t work out – and he’s now single again.
As viewers saw last season, dating a hip-hip star is a full-time job which includes red carpet events, the paparazzi and handling all the crazy fans. For Ray J, dating has never been an issue – it’s finding the perfect woman that can be harder than you think… especially when you’re a celebrity. Since things didn’t exactly work out with his last girlfriend, Ray J is back to give love a second chance. As R&B’s most eligible bachelor, Ray J is determined to find a woman he can settle down with.
VH1 is looking for women with confidence, personality and class that can handle the pressure of being with a superstar and turn Ray J into a one-woman man. Beginning today, viewers and fans will have the opportunity to submit themselves for consideration on For the Love of Ray J 2. Online users can log onto VH1’s For the Love of Ray J 2 casting site at

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