Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pepa &nd Chilli look 4 love

That being said, add Chilli and Pepa to the list as both have announced new series centered on them finding a date…with a camera man and some stand-in.

Variety reports that the untitled Pepa project will chronicle Salt’s friend as she will follow “as she starts to look for love after four years of a “self-imposed romantic and sexual dormancy.”

Why not just say help her get some, because that doesn’t sound like something Pepa would say. What does that sound too crass? Whatever, this is VH1.

As for Chilli, her entitled series will follow her as she enlists the help of relationships expert Tionna Smalls to find love.

If this is what Chilli’s doing now, I guess plans for a solo album are on hold.

Eh, I’m actually a little interested in Pepa’s show, though. She’s like that mama that thinks she’s cool that will push you out of the way on the dance floor at the club to have more run to do the stanky legg.

Hilarity (albeit in a sad way) is coming.

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