Monday, June 29, 2009

Brittanya vs So Hood

Brittanya from Vh1 Rock of Love Bus and Charm School 3 and So Hood from Real Chance Of Love and Charm School 3 have AGREED to a fight in an MMA match.

Here’s what went down. when So Hood left Charm School, she slapped Brittanya on her way out. So Hood is quoted as saying, "She’s playing this tough-guy role, and I told her, ‘If I ever leave out these doors, you better look out.’ When I was leaving, after I said, ‘F*** Charm School,’ she was the first person I saw, and I slapped the f*** out of her, and I threw a drink on Marcia."

Brittyana – not being a punk – challenged So Hood to the fight – and So Hood accepted.

The two ladies are still working out the details – but it should happen before Summer’s over…

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