Monday, June 29, 2009

Myammee interview wit king mag.

An uncensored Myammee goes in on her fellow I Love Money 2 contestants.

You had plenty of problems with the girls on Flavor of Love 3. Do you bump heads just as much with the cast of I Love Money 2?
Of course I bumped heads with girls on this show. I bump heads with girls everywhere I go. It just happens to me for some reason.

Who was your least favorite cast member?
Definitely Saaphyri. She’s about 45 or 50 and I feel like her time is up. When you’re over the hill you should be enjoying your life, not living in the house with 20-year-olds like us!

On her bio she says she’s 29.
She’s a liar! She’s not no 29. If you look at her on the show it looks like she aged even more. She’s a wannabe New York with the long fake hair and the Snuffleupagus lashes. She just looks a mess and she looks even older when she smokes. She’s like an old granny.

Do you think contestants with senior status like Saaphyri and Milf should give up the reality TV game?
I think if you have to go into retirement in 10 years you shouldn’t be on reality TV. I mean Milf is like an old lady. She does have a nice body for her age, but other than that there’s nothing there—just a shell.

I’m guessing you don’t have any kind words for Buckwild.
Buckwild is just for TV. She does whatever she got to do to get some airtime. She has nothing else to offer but her mouth.

Is anyone buying her act?
She’s a phony. I think she’s just a regular white girl who needs some type of attention because she’s ugly as hell. She got to do something so I guess she plays the black role.

How did Rock of Love’s Tamara fit in with the Flavor of Love set?
Tamara’s just like on her own planet. I don’t know if she was on drugs when she first came to the house. She was twitching. I really think something is wrong with her.

What about the male contestants? Was there any hooking up going on in the house?
I had no interest in any of the guys in the cast. They were all cornballs!

You’re still looking for love?
I wouldn’t mind finding love, but right now I don’t have none. I don’t understand why pretty girls can’t fall in love! We’re like the number one single people in the world.

Do you think you’re just going for the wrong type of guy?
I’m trying to transform from going for the thuggish type to going for the regular type, but I really don’t know what type of guy I want. I just know he has to have swag, he can’t be a dork.

Who has the swag you’re looking for?
Swag like Method Man or a little bit of Plies.

I thought you want to get away from the thugs?
I know! I’m trying. You see what I’m saying? I’m trying to go from 100 percent thug to maybe 50 percent.

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