Friday, August 21, 2009

The Amber Show Filming?

while Bunim-Murray (Real World) is off working on Bad Girls Club 4, it appears Season 3’s break out trouble makers, The Ambers, are hard at work filming their next foray into reality TV!
Jess, was surfing through Celebrity Rehab superstar Mary Carey’s twitter, and found a ton of tweets revealing that she is hard at work doing lots of filming with the Ambers.

Now this is where it gets kinda odd, she keeps referring to the show they’re filming as “bad girls club”, so this poses a few questions in my mind. Could it be that The Ambers are making a grand return next season? Or is this indeed their own show?
Here’s a sample of the tweets:

- Gonna try to go to bed now, gotta get up early to shoot tomorrow.
- At starbucks drive through then getting ready to shoot a cameo for “The Bad Girls Club”.
- About to shoot my segment for Bad Girls Club with the Amber’s.
- Just got done shooting, love the Ambers. Tomorrow night shooting more, I’m judging air sex for bad girls club.

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