Thursday, August 20, 2009

Violence Outside Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus

According to police, it all went down after Wayne’s show last Wednesday at the Cricket Pavilion in suburban Phoenix — when 2 buses from his 4-bus entourage stopped at a nearby apartment complex.

Law enforcement sources tell us witnesses saw several women getting on and off the buses — and it was then that certain people in the complex began to get violent.

Witnesses told police they heard at least one shot fired during the altercation — though it’s unclear who fired it.

Cops arrived to the scene and broke things up — but we’ve learned a 15-year-old boy has since filed a police report claiming one of Wayne’s bodyguards roughed him up during the chaos, bruising a few of his ribs.

Cops interviewed Wayne at a nearby hotel after the incident, where the rapper told cops he was on one of the buses when the attack started — but his bus took off almost immediately.

Calls to Wayne’s people have not yet been returned.

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