Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kandi Burruss Ditching RHOA & Her Fiance?

Word on the street is that Kandi Burruss can’t take the heat associated with her appearances on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta and has decided to leave when her contract is up this season. Of course you’ve heard of the drama between she and NeNe Leakes, she confirmed that the “drama” is indeed real.

Kandi feels that NeNe is a faker who plays all of her “friends” off of each other. While most people labeled her castmate, Sheree’ Whitfield as the troublemaker it was NeNe all along. (I dont think that) During her brief period on the show, Kandi, being from the “A,” is not one to sit by and be disrespected so she never fails to stand up to NeNe, which in turn causes conflict. Being that we’ve only seen a few episodes so far, the real drama has yet to be seen on the show.

Kandi also talked about her relationship with her fiance Ashley “A.J.” Jewel and inquired if they’d set a date. Kandi explained that there was no date and that the show has been a major stress factor in their relationship. Now before you start the rumor that Kandi and AJ are no more, I recently overheard AJ bragging about being engaged to Kandi so I’m assuming they’re still together. Whatever the case, Kandi’s decision to join the housewives cast seems to be causing more drama in her life than ever.

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