Monday, August 17, 2009

Kim & Nene Air Out Each Other’s Dirty Laundry…

This clip is for the Real Housewives of Atlanta fans that love the unnecessary drama. Nene Leakes was on some show recently promoting her upcoming book when Kim Zolciak called in. Basically, Kim was pissed because Nene said that she was a drag queen and that all of her money comes from married men. The two then started airing out each other’s dirty laundry:

Kim claims Nene’s car was repossessed in a Home Depot and all of her homes are rented
Nene claims that Kim use to be a stripper at Magic City and went by the name Barbie
Kim claims Nene is cheating on her husband Greg with NFL player Charles Grant
Classic Lines from Nene: “You don’t work b*tch! You don’t have a job”, “Close your legs to married men trash box“. “Close your legs wig!“. I can’t

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