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12 Pack Interview wth VH1

How was your time on the show?
I always have fun when I do these shows, but his one by far beat the other two out. With I Love New York, I was competing for a girl I wasn’t really into. It was my first time, so I was a little nervous. With I Love Money, everyday you thought you might get eliminated. I really had to chill and not piss people off. On this show it was more or less just a free for all and I was actually into the chick, so it was really a good time.
Obviously, because this was your second time on a dating show, people questioned your motivation. Even Daisy did.
Oh yeah. I really wanted to be there for sure. Why would I have gone on another dating show if I wasn’t into the girl? It would have just been obvious I wasn’t into her. There’s plenty of television shows out there. I mean, I could have done I Love Money 3, or 2 or 4 or any of that stuff. But I really liked Daisy a lot. I felt like it was a good shot to go out and compete for a girl that I actually was into. I figured worse case scenario, I don’t get the girl in the end.
At what point did Daisy’s suspicions ease?
Maybe by the third episode, it kind of got to the point where I had answered her question already. I said, “If you don’t believe me and you want to send me home for that, go ahead. But if you want to see why I’m really here and give it a shot, let me stay.” And she went for option B. It’s cool because me and her are cool now, and whenever she’s in town she’ll give me a call, or if I hear something in the news about her I’ll make sure she’s still doing OK. So we’re cool.
You’re friends?
What do you think about the way that everything ended on the show?
I would have liked to go the full distance to the finale, rather than just being left in the middle of the parking lot after being in Hawaii for a matter of hours. I didn’t even get to spend 24 hours there. We basically had one dinner date to plead out cases as to why we should stay. I really just got screwed. The weirdest part is the first time I saw Daisy, after all was said and done and everything was wrapped up, sure enough, we picked up right where we left off. She was like, “How have you been? You going to come back to my hotel and hang out?” And I was kind of like, “You had your chance. I mean we can be friends, but this isn’t Daisy of Love anymore. I don’t have to sit here and listen to everything you say anymore.”
So you don’t see any romantic future for you and Daisy, even though you have contact?
Who knows? I’ll be friends with the girl, but it’s not a matter of I’m going to go out and try to pursue her. I never, ever really pursue girls like that. I’m actually the one used to having a couple girls coming for me, more or less, trying to pick and choose the ones I like. That’s what I did at the beginning of the show. All of our private times at the beginning of the show, she came to me and said, “I want to talk to you privately.” I just kind of just did what I do, just kind of hung out.
Do you think it was a fair assessment when she said you were guarded?
Possibly more so than the other two. I’ve had some fairly bad experiences with girls – girls that Daisy reminds me of a little bit. I’m certainly going to be guarded. The first time I catch wind of something that I don’t like, or if I sense maybe this girl is going to cheat, I’m going to step back a little bit. I think Daisy would be be a great girlfriend and I think she’d be a blast to hang out with. But when it comes down to it, I don’t think she would be a 100 percent loyal like I would.
You seemed really broken up after she eliminated you.
Nobody wants to leave there. You kind of just wanted to keep going. Even after all is said and done, you just want to keep going where you’re going. When I was with her, I felt like I was dating her. You don’t go on dates with someone almost every single day for a month, and then just all the sudden, it’s like, wow, you’re gone, and you don’t even talk to this person. It feels like you’re single again. I’ve put in all this time and effort again, and I thought we were making progress, and now I have to start all over again.
Is it fair to say you heartbroken?
You can say that. It’s not like you normally see me act that way. I don’t ever act that way. If a girl doesn’t want me then she doesn’t want me. But if I put in all this effort and I feel like she’s mine, it’s a little bit different.
Did you love her?
I really felt like there were times when I was in her room and I wanted to say it, but I knew she didn’t want to hear that. It was too soon, almost. But, I mean, think about it – if you’re in a relationship and you’ve been dating someone for a month, you’re almost at the point where you can say, “Hey, I love you,” and she can say, “Hey, I feel the same way.” But, I held it in. I didn’t want to say it.
Did you and Flex target London so hard because he was threat?
Well, we needed to give him what he deserved. He hadn’t had to go through everything we did. We feel like he did get humiliated a few times on the show, but you know, he didn’t go through nearly half of what we went through, so we felt that once he came back in the house, we had to let him get re-initiated.
Do you think Daisy’s going to last with London?
She really does like him. When I saw her after the show, she was talking to me about their problems. Apparently he was giving her a hard time. He really likes her and he does want to try to date her. I’ve talked to him about it and he said he would date her for sure. But I don’t think he’s a good boyfriend type of guy.
What did you think of the way they played up your bromance with Flex?
As far as the way they edit, making it a little gay, I laugh now, because I’ve already been through that. Them trying to bromance me and Flex, or whatever they do, it was funny, because clearly there were people in the house who certainly had some legitimate gay tendencies, and there were those who just find it funny.
Really? Who do you think had legitimate gay tendencies?
Well, I don’t want to rat anyone else. For some reason people love to look at a cast of people and be like, “I don’t know about this one…” so if you had to, it clearly it wasn’t me this time. There was a lot more makeup being worn by several other people. Me and Flex both do very well with the women. We’ve both been in tons of relationships and whatnot, and the last thing anyone is thinking when they think of me and Flex is that these two guys like each other. I mean we’re friends, but we both clearly have the same objective in the house.
As a reality show vet, I’m interested in what you thought of I Love Money 2.
I couldn’t really stomach watching it. To me, it just seemed like a squad of whoever said, “OK, fine, I’ll do it”: the people who were just begging to go out for another show. I mean obviously, the Entertainer, I watched it for him, but I couldn’t even stand to watch Heat on that show, making more of a fool of himself than he already is. It just bothered me to watch someone act so fake. Like who does this kid think he is? That’s what I think when I watch it. It’s like he thinks he’s somebody else or he wants to be somebody else.
Do you have any contact with him anymore?
I mean we’re cool now. At first I was like, “I don’t ever want to talk to this kid again.” He’s a scumbag. I was on I Love Money with him the first time around and I pretty much had his back, you know, I’d try and defend him. And he was doing pretty much the opposite, trying to one-up me. He just cares about himself, so there’s no reason to partner up with someone like that.
What about Heather? Competing for the love of her on-air archrival seems like a slap in the face after your fling with her on I Love Money.
It really wasn’t intended to be that way. Heather was one of those things that when you’re in another country you hook up with her, and you think for a few days that maybe we liked each other. But even before Money ended, I was starting to say, “Nah, this was fun, but clearly, we’re going to go our separate ways after the show ends and that’s that.” I didn’t think much else of it. Heather thought pretty much because we were sort of together on the show that our private lives had to look that way and we had to act that way, and really, it was kind of weird. It was so much drama for no reason.
Any regrets from Daisy?
I guess the only regret I would say is not being able to plead my case towards the end, and not being able to seal the deal.
I think it’s kind of ironic that you were accused of being too guarded, but at the end you totally opened up and cried.
I was hoping when Daisy saw that, she’d feel like an idiot, and be like, “Oh my god, he actually did care.” I don’t even think she saw it when it happened because she was already flying off.
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